Rural electrification scenario in Bangladesh

The photos taken in early March last year portrait the battered condition of distribution network in the haor (marshland) areas of Netrakona, some 200 kilometres north to capital Dhaka. Locals confirmed recently that the (log) poles have not been replaced and that those tilted pillars have leaned much towards the ground.

When the government has given special attention to develop the country’s power sector including providing subsidies on fuels to run the power plants and setting up new plants in a hurried motion, the renovation and extension of distribution network is still lagging.

The possibility of sudden accidents can not be evaded.

It must be noted that though power generation increased by some 2000MW in the last three years, after the current government had assumed in office in 2009, many power plants are still under maintenance.

The power-starved country’s maximum generation on January 1 was 5037MW against an average demand of 7000MW. Bangladesh’s installed capacity is 8033MW and present capacity is 7413MW.

As many as 1458MW could not be generated the same day as 32 power generating units were shutdown due to mechanical faults while 880MW for gas crisis.


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